F-9 Diesel Engines
There are no large pictures on this page because the collection of The Upstairs Train has none of these engines yet.

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#L-2004 Rio Grande F-9 made in 1962.
(Picture courtesy of an anonymous donor.)

Its unpowered mate is the extremely rare #L-2004-1.
#21205 Boston & Maine F-9 with streamlined steps made in 1961.
(This is a picture I took of an engine in Jack Larson's collection.)
There was also a version with square steps.
(Photo courtesy of an anonymous donor.)
The version with streamlined steps was sometimes sold with an unpowered mate, the #21205-1.
(Photo courtesy of an anonymous donor.)
#21206 Santa Fe F-9 made from 1961-1962.  Its unpowered mate is the #21206-1.
(This is a picture I took of engines in Jack Larson's collection.)
#21207 Great Northern F-9 made from 1963-1964 with its unpowered mate, the #21207-1.
This is the unpainted version without headlight in the #21207.
(Photo courtesy of an anonymous donor.)

There was also a somewhat rare unpainted version with headlight in the #21207,
and a somewhat rare painted version without headlight in the #21207.
#21210 Burlington F-9 made in 1961.  It had no mate.
(Picture courtesy of an anonymous donor.)

Like the #21205, there were two versions, streamlined steps and square steps.
The square step version is extremely rare.
#21215 Union Pacific F-9 and its unpowered mate, the #21215-1, made from 1961-1962.
(Picture courtesy of
Chester R Anderson.)
And their front ends.
(Picture courtesy of
Chester R Anderson.)

An extremely rare early version of the #21215 with #21216 unpowered mate, both with square steps,
was made in 1961.

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