Surplus Items For Sale

From time to time, I post on these pages surplus items I have for sale. This is generally because I have a duplicate that is in equal or better condition.

In addition, I am selling hundreds of other items from people who contacted me for help selling their collections, including two very large estate collections. Most of the items are American Flyer and Plasticville, but there are also a lot of N, HO, and O Scale items from a couple of collections.

All the items listed here are in hand and ready to ship upon receipt of payment.

For reference purposes, I show an estimated book value for each item,
adjusted for condition; for American Flyer items, these are based on the the 2017 Greenberg Guide and 2012 TM Guide, and for Lionel items, the 2015 Greenberg Guide. For items from other manufacturers, I provide prices given to me by members of one of my train clubs or what I can find on the Internet. But these should not be interpreted as firm, fixed prices. Make an offer I can't refuse!

If you are interested in buying an item shown here, or in trading for something on my Wish List, email me: Please include your mailing address so I can calculate shipping charges and send you an invoice with the total.

Shipping cost will be actual cost via Priority Mail, or First Class mail (for small, light items), and I will happily ship items together to minimize shipping costs. I ship everything insured unless you accept full liability for loss or damage in shipment. I prefer payment by personal check, but will accept PayPal if you will split their fees with me.

As much as I would like to provide pictures for sets and the more interesting items, it is impractical to provide pictures of everything because there are so many items and because things keep flying off the shelves! For items not pictured here, pictures are available on request.

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